Monday, July 11, 2005


Why is it so easy to blog during the week (when I’m at the real job), but so hard to blog on weekends (because that’s when I’m really working, or exhausted from it)?

Friday morning was spent taking the kids to the library in Big City. They’ve been curious about it for a while, and it’s in an old, impressive building, so we made the trek there. A library card for non-residents is $60 annually, so I told them we weren’t going to check out books, but they could read and explore. We weren’t there half an hour when the girl commented that our local library has a better kids’ section (she’s right). Plus, we have a great inter-library loan system, so any book in our system (about 10 libraries) can be obtained within a couple days, and virtually any book in the state can also be requested. It was a great day to be out and about; if I were 25 and with girlfriends it would have been fun to shop, then go to some cute deli or restaurant with outdoor seating, but not practical this day. We ended up at Noodles, a place the girl and I really like. Yeah, it's just a tacky franchise, but an interesting one!

The boy is not a picky eater at home, but when we eat out his tastes are limited: usually a cheeseburger, occasionally a grilled cheese sandwich. At Noodles, he settled for a bowl of chicken noodle soup.

After returning home, I told them they had to pay for taking the morning off (and getting me to loaf!), so they picked peas while I weeded. And weeded, and weeded, then picked cucumbers for the Farmers’ Market on Saturday.

Friday night D took a shower and got up early to get set up at the market. I was filthy but exhausted, so delayed cleaning up till Saturday. First thing in the morning I stumble to the shower, anticipating how great it will feel to get clean—twist the control—no water. Something about the well, the well pipe, and the field irrigation. I cleaned up and covered up as best I could with baby wipes and baby powder (strange; even though the youngest is 7, I still have certain “baby” supplies), went to the market, D came home and worked on the water.

Odd how preoccupied with surface cleanliness Americans are. We take for granted hot, clean water, and our ability to frequently run gallons of it down the drain. Most electron wrestlers in air conditioned offices feel they need a daily shower. Here’s a secret: I don’t shower every day, especially in the winter.

And here’s my normal tip for new parents: your baby doesn’t need a bath every day. You’re washing the dirtiest parts (face, hands, genitals) several times a day anyway—skip the daily bath. With a newborn, there’s better things to do with your time.


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