Tuesday, June 28, 2005

XM Radio

I love my satellite radio. I spend about six hours a week in the car commuting (not bad, I know). I can’t stand the commercials on normal radio, and the DJs during morning drive time are worse, giggling hysterically at their own (not very funny) jokes.

Why did it take so long to come up with a way to deliver non-commerical radio? I’m on a budget, but willing to pay $10 a month to avoid what I can’t stand.

Recently I traveled several hours with the kids to visit my parents in Iowa. If my metropolitan area radio situation sucks, the vast wasteland between here and Iowa is a thousand times worse. (There’s the occasional high-watt country station, of course!) While I do love the adult comedy station on XM, I can’t listen to that while the kids are in the car, due to its, uhh, language issues.

The 70s station embarrasses me, but it’s like a car wreck—you can’t turn away. Intermixed with classic Eagles, Frampton, and Fleetwood Mac are the weirdies like “Junk Food Junkie” (Just sucking on my plain white yogurt/From my hand thrown pottery jar . . . . I got a John Keats autographed Grecian urn/Filled up with my brown rice) and “The Streak.” Ahh, memories. But the weekend I’m writing about was full of the best songs from the top albums of the decade—I could listen for hours without switching away. (However, I find I automatically switch away from any and all Michael Jackson songs now. Don’t want that s*** in my life.)

One trifle: they advertise, “No commercials on the music channels.” True, sort of. They (all too often) hawk XM radio products—the family plan, radio accessories, what’s available on other stations. And the commercials on the comedy and talk stations are just BAD—fix your credit, impotence drugs, pc repair, etc.