Monday, June 27, 2005


D. and I do not have a
weekend marriage. This is so sad—high income couples with children, missing what money can’t buy—time, and time with each other. This is why I work part time. This is why D. works at home. (This is why we don’t make a lot of money.) We are able to spend time in our home—what the article doesn’t mention is families who spend all their income on a trophy home where they do little more than sleep!

We spent time with each other. We are able to homeschool the girl. The boy is able to come directly home from school. (At various times, we’ve used different varieties of child care, but not now.)

I’m not an
alpha mom. This poor mom enjoys her (single) child so little that she invents distractions for herself to avoid spending time with him.

I love my kids, but my world doesn’t revolve around them and carting them to dozens of enrichment activities. And I like my kids, although I admit to not liking “kids” in general. I have tried to deliberately raise kids whom I can stand to be around; too many people parent in such a way that they are guaranteed to produce kids that they themselves don’t want to be with.