Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Let slip the dogs . . .

While biking with the boy this weekend, one of the neighbors’ (three) rottweilers came running out to the road and made him spill over. She then retreated to her yard; I still consider it an attack. The boy was wearing a helmet, but scraped up his knees, elbow, and face.

Later, after he described the event for the girl:

The girl: “Did you go to their house and yell at them?”
Me: “No, worse.”
The girl: “You sent DAD to yell at them?”
Me: “No, not that bad, just the cops.”

The deputy came to our house, took a report, went to their place to “give them a warning,” and called me later. He was nice, but really, what’s the point. As D says, if something now “happens” to the dogs, they’ll think we did it.

Deputy’s update: the dog is pregnant (great, additional rottweiler neighbors coming soon!), she “would never hurt anyone,” (get a clue, she just did), report when they’re loose again and a $140 ticket “may” be issued.

That’s the drill: first offense, warning. Second and subsequent times, a ticket. But as I think about it, this is at least the fourth time one of their dogs has been loose. And they always act menacing when we walk or bike past. Because we live in a rural area, people think it’s their right to let their dogs run free.

P.S. Dog licensing fee in our area is just $3 for neutered animals, slightly more if “intact.” Bet they haven’t even paid that pittance.

And why, when making a police report, is it necessary to record my child’s school??? Answer: because the computer won’t let you enter the report without filling in that blank. At least for the boy, I didn’t have to reveal that we’re wacky homeschoolers.