Tuesday, September 20, 2005

A bunch of random, interesting blog stuff from the past week

Paraphrases only, and no links, you can look ‘em up.

Oil is like a girlfriend—you should leave her before she leaves you. Kos
October—the season of hurricanes should be ended, the season of stock market crashes beginning. James Kunstler (don’t read his blog if you already have trouble sleeping at night)
You can’t govern if you don’t believe in government. GlobalNetNews
Gee, a lot of women who have abortions are prolife. NYTimes
Why don’t Fritos taste like corn if the only ingredients are corn, corn oil, and salt? Kevin Drum [I hate Fritos.]

If the poor had good money management and good decision making skills they wouldn't be poor. (I forget where, maybe Jane Galt.)


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