Friday, August 26, 2005


A lot has been written about different kinds of intelligences. As in, we ought to value people who aren’t necessarily “word smart” and “math smart” and perform well on standardized tests. There’s high emotional IQ, which lets you get along well with others; musical smarts; mechanical ability; etc.

Well, having been one of those students who did do well on standardized tests in school, I raise my hand and admit to being guilty of snobbishness towards those who are otherly-inclined.

To say I’m not mechanical is an understatement of such magnitude to make my husband snort. This week I had to set up the fruit press, which I can do unaided only because I have memorized its assembly.

I have a friend who freely admits to not being “smart.” But. Last year when it was time to set up the press for applesauce, she took the pile of parts and whipped it into a working machine. She honestly doesn’t want written instructions, just show her what it’s supposed to look like, and she can probably get it there. She’s the one who helped us at Christmas time when we were trying to fold origami boxes, and were stumped by a particular step.

So, here’s tribute to those who can see how parts fit together and make things work: I'm sorry I was ever unappreciative of your abilities.


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