Thursday, August 04, 2005

Big Lots

Last weekend D and I had a date, and as we often do on dates, we visited both Fleet Farm (motto: “if you can’t get it at Fleet Farm you don’t need it”) and Big Lots (motto should be: “you don’t need it but it’s cheap”). We only go to Big Lots because it’s near the movie theatre and it’s a good place to kill time. Besides, like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’ll get.

Don’t get attached to any food you buy there—it’s only at Big Lots because it failed at the mainstream grocery stores. Example: D scooped up a box of cereal, I think from General Mills, called “Chocolat-y Oh’s.” Think chocolate Cheerios. Think chocolate frosted sugar bombs. They are BAD, albeit tasty, and surprisingly addictive. Box says “makes chocolatey mik.” Notice the word “chocolate” is never actually used. I didn’t read the ingredient list, but I’m sure it’s not there. When you eat them, the taste is overwhelmingly artificial, and oddly, a little bit banana-y. Anyway, once this box is gone (and it soon will be, due to my snacking), we’ll never have the chance to purchase them again.

Another find, this one mine: hand towels for the bathroom whose color can only be described as “dirt.” What a great idea! Like the suggestion from a friend (a real friend, not someone who happens to have a daughter the same age as The Girl) that if I tile the floor when I redo the kitchen, make sure to choose dirt colored grout.


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